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Since 1978, RACCORFER near the Como Lake only 25 Km from downtown Milano, manufactures galvanized steel & brass fittings and accessories for the heating , for alluminium and cast  radiators, and many other industrial products for the hydraulic sectors , high preassure fittings for automotive , for national and international Customers,  the major brands.

 Custom hose fittings to our customer's specification, for automobile, motobike and electrical and high preassure equipment , can be produced  with high perforemance machinery, like the cold forming preocess.

All our products are tested to UNI-EN9002 standards.We have cold forming machines, transfer, rolling machine , tooling machines, controlled by CN. all mantained upgraded.
Investing in technology, the latest machinery, and human resources are a " must " for our company , to guarantee the customer's satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department   at  

Thank you for your attention, Raccorfer .